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St Patrick and the Breastplate of Righteousness




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Patrick and the Breastplate of Righteous

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I. God orchestrates trials to build trust and dependence to equip His miraculously authenticated servants to free and bless others

Confessio C1 At that time, I did not know the true God. I was taken into captivity in Ireland...We deserved this, because we had gone away from God, and did not keep his commandments. We would not listen to our priests, who advised us about how we could be saved. The Lord brought his strong anger upon us..scattered us..It was among foreigners that it was seen how little I was. Fear of Lord

C2 It was there that the Lord opened up my awareness of my lack of faith. Even tho it came about late, I recognized my failings. So I turned with all my heart to the Lord my God  (saw causes and effects and took responsibility for his actions, and then too action) 

II. God uses His: servants, Word, Body/Community to build saints & churches, eis evangelize and minister to people in darkness

C16 After I arrived in Ireland, I tended sheep every day, and I prayed frequently during the day. More and more the love of God increased, and my sense of awe before God. Faith grew, and my spirit was moved, so that in one day I would pray up to one hundred times, and at night perhaps the same. I even remained in the woods and on the mountain, and I would rise to pray before dawn in snow and ice and rain. I never felt the worse for it, and I never felt lazy – as I realize now, the spirit was burning in me at that time. 

III. Patrick armed himself with truth and trust in God to confront the forces of darkness and convert those enslaved to darkness

C10 My sins then prevented me from really taking in what I read.   (Studied w/ Germanus d'Auxerre www.joyfulheart.com/stpatrick/pat.htm)

Letter: 1 I am certain in my heart that "all that I am," I have rcv'd from God. So I live among barbarous tribes, a stranger and exile for the love of God...If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God so as to teach these peoples; even tho some of them still look down on me. 4 I am at a loss..whether to weep more...killed...captured: or these men themselves whom the devil has taken fast for his slaves. 

IV. A Body of Believers following-serving the Lord, arm themselves w/ Truth, Fellowship, and a unwavering trust in God's Promises

C3 He is judge of the living and of the dead; he rewards every person acc to their deeds. He has generously poured on us the Holy Spirit, the gift and promise of immortality, who makes believers and those who listen to be children of God and co-heirs with Christ Rm 8:17

C59 if at any time I managed anything of good for the sake of my God whom I love, I beg of him that he grant it to me to shed my blood for his name with proselytes and captives, even should I be left unburied, or even were my wretched body to be torn limb from limb by dogs or savage beasts, or were it to be devoured by the birds of the air, I think, most surely, were this to have happened to me, I had saved both my soul and my body. For beyond any doubt on that day we shall rise again in the brightness of the sun, that is, in the glory of Christ Jesus our Redeemer, as children of the living God and co-heirs of Christ, made in his image; for we shall reign through him and for him and in him. For the sun we see rises each day for us at his command, but it will never reign, neither will its splendor last, but all who worship it will come wretchedly to punishment. We, on the other hand, shall not die, who believe in and worship the true sun, Christ, who will never die, no more shall he die who has done Christ's will, but will abide for ever just as Christ abides for ever, who reigns with God the Father Almighty and with the Holy Spirit before the beginning of time and now and for ever and ever. 

V. Celtic Way of Evangelism https://www.scribd.com/document/3999115/BOOK-NOTES-2008-06-The-Celtic-Way-of-Evangelism

1.You experienced voluntary periods of solitary isolation – normally in a cell near nature.

Drawing on the wisdom of the desert fathers of the eastern church: “Go sit in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything”. False?

2.You spent time with your anamchara–soul friend (Not a mentor but a trusted peer with whom you were vulnerable and accountable)

3. If the monastic community was large, spent time w/ a group of ten or fewer people, led by someone known primarily for their devotion (?)

4.You participated in the common life – meals, work, learning, biblical recitation, prayers, and corporate worship.

VI. I bind to myself today the strong virtue of the: Invocation of the Trinity: I believe the Trinity in the Unity, in the Creator of the Universe

2 Incarnation of Christ His Baptism, His crucifixion  His burial, His Resurrection His Ascension, His coming on the Judgment Day.
3  virtue of the love of seraphim, in the obedience of angels, in the hope of resurrection unto  reward, prayers of Patriarchs, Prophets...
4 The power of Heaven, light of the sun, brightness of the moon, splendor of fire, flashing of lightning..sea, stability of earth, rocks.

5 God's Power to guide me, God's Might to uphold me, God's Wisdom to teach me, God's Eye to watch over me, God's Ear to hear me,
God's Word to give me speech, God's Hand to guide me, God's Way to lie before me, God's Shield to shelter me, God's Host to secure me,
Against: snares of demons, seductions of vices, lusts of nature, everyone who meditates injury to me, whether far or near, few or  many.

6 I invoke today all these virtues against: every hostile merciless power which may assail my body and my soul, the incantations of false prophets, the black laws of heathenism, the false laws of heresy, the deceits of idolatry,  the spells of women/witches, and smiths/wizards, he who must not be named :), and druids, against every knowledge that binds the soul of man (theologies; world views).
Christ, protect me today against: every poison, burning, drowning, death-wound, that I may receive abundant reward.

7 Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ at my right, Christ at my left, Christ in the fort, [at home] Christ in the chariot seat, [traveling by land] Christ in the stern. [traveling by water]
Christ: in the heart of who thinks of me, in the mouth of  who speaks to me, in every eye that sees me, Christ in every ear that hears me.

Questions for Reflection/Discussion/Response:

1. What has God used to get your attention and build your trust and rlshp with Him? How do you think He wants to use you?

2. When you pray for protection, why do you want to be protected? Why do you think Patrick wanted to be protected?

3. How do you think God wants to use our Body to bring light to those around us in darkness? How can you help that process?

17 “Look – your ship is ready.” It was not nearby, but a good two hundred miles away. I had never been to the place, nor did I know anyone there. So I ran away then, and left the man with whom I had been for six years. It was in the strength of God that I went – God who turned the direction of my life to good; I feared nothing while I was on the journey to that ship. 

18 The day I arrived, the ship was about to leave the place. I said I needed to set sail with them, but the captain was not at all pleased. He replied unpleasantly and angrily: “Don’t you dare try to come with us.” When I heard that, I left them and went back to the hut where I had lodgings. I began to pray while I was going; and before I even finished the prayer, I heard one of them shout aloud at me: “Come quickly – those men are calling you!” 

After a 200-mile trek he saw the ship, making ready to sail. Finding the captain, he requested passage. His family would repay the fare, Pat promised. The surly captain refused. As Pat slowly retraced his steps along the beach, he prayed again. "You led me to this ship, O Lord. I know you won't fail me now." Suddenly he heard the whish of feet sprinting in the sand behind him. "Young man," a sailor called. "The captain says we'll take you after all. But hurry! The tide is in." God had heard. 

The voyage took three days, but when they landed-- probably on the coast of France--they saw no people, only a desolate wilderness. For almost a month they sought food. The pagan captain who had mocked Pat's faith finally sought him out. "You say your God is great and all-powerful? Then pray for us." Pat was bold. "Be truly converted with all your heart to the Lord my God," he answered. "Nothing is impossible for Him." Suddenly a herd of pigs scrambled across the road. The hungry seamen were faster. Food at last! Within a few days they also came upon civilization.