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Proverbs 3 The Ten Commandments of Godly Wisdom Part 4b




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Prov 3 The Ten Commandments of Godly Wisdom Part 4

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Job 22:21 Submit to God and be at peace w/ Him

  22 Accept instruction (torah) from His mouth 

lay up His words in your heart? --> prosperity

3:1 My son, do not forget my instruction* (torah), but let your heart keep my commands;

 Reason: 2 For length of days and long life and peace they will add to you. (*Pr 28:9)  

Dt 8:11 Beware that you do not forget the LORD your God by not keeping His commandments 19 those who forget God ...surely perish

APP: Learn God's word/laws, and then obey them as a way of life (“Trust 'n obey, no other way” no exceptions). Any questions?

II. 3 Let not hesed and truth/faithfulness forsake/leave you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart,

4  And so find favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man. (cf Lk 2:52 Jesus progressed in wisdom..maturity..grace/favor w/ God..,man)

Ps 119:10 seek w/ whole heart 11 hide word in heart (ingrain Word's values in decision-making) so not sin cx God

 APP: What safeguards/plans do you have to live in loyal love/hesed and faithfulness? Planning and steadfast execution yield success.

 III. 5 Trust in the LORD (His word/character/promises/perspective/values) w/ all your heart, and lean/rely not on your own understanding/b

6 In all your ways acknowledge/submit [fear honor] Him (as Lord who judges 5:21), and He shall direct/smooth/approve/make right your paths

APP: Every decision and desire needs to flow from our commitment and service to the One we rightly call Lord and Master

IV. 7  Do not be wise in your own eyes* Fear the LORD and depart from evil (8:13; see Pt 3 -Pr 2)   Jdg 21; Pr 21:2 Lord weighs heart

8 It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones.  *Pr 26:12 more hope for fool 16 irrational; 30:12 not washed; Isa 5:21 woe, etc

APP:  Do you really think you know/judge better than God?  Can you spell demonic deception?

V. 9 Honor* the LORD with your possessions, and with the firstfruits of all your increase; *(Piel make important/glorious)

10 So your barns will be filled with plenty (needs), and your vats will overflow with new wine (joy) Ps 50:10 1k hills; 1Chron 29:14 of your own we give; Hag 1:6-7 consider ways; Mal 3:8 rob God?; 2Cor 9:7 cheerful giver; Heb 13:16 share=please; Phil 4:13,19

APP: If we're trusting that God is who He said He is, and we do what He said to do,  why wouldn't He take care of His choice servants?

VI. 11 My son, do not despise/reject the chastening/discipline of the LORD, nor detest/hate/be grieved by His correction/reproof

12 For whom the LORD loves He corrects/rebukes, just as a father the son in whom he delights.

13 Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding(2:2,3,6,11 w/ prudence-discretion; 3:19;

14 For her proceeds are better than profits of silver; her gain than fine gold. 15 She is more precious than rubies, and all the things you may desire cannot compare with her. 16 Length of days is in her right hand, In her left hand riches and honor.  17 Her ways are ways of pleasantness, all her paths are peace. 18 She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are all who retain her.

Pr 6:23 reproofs of instruction are way to life (Balaam); Heb 12:5; 2Tim 3:16-17 path,-/+, stay/persevere-endure;


Job 5:17 Blessed is one God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty 18 He wounds, also binds up; injures, but His hands also heal

APP: Why wouldn't you want to know that you're not on the right path, thinking/valuing/feeling/doing what is righteous?

VII. 21 My son, let them not depart/leave from your eyes ---  keep/guard/observe sound wisdom 2:7 and discretion;

22 So they will be life to your soul and grace/favor to your neck. 23 Then you will walk safely in your way, and your foot will not stumble

24 When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet (Isa 26:3 keep in perfect peace who trust)

APP: If we're focused on God's ways and means, we will dwell safely and securely, without fear nor anxiety.

VIII. 25 Do not be afraid of sudden terror/dread, nor of trouble from the wicked when (not if) it comes;

26 For the LORD will be your confidence/flank (Ps 78:7),  and will keep your foot from being caught.                 *Dt 7:7 21:14         

Ps 91:1 abide in the shadow of the Almighty 2 trust 5 You shall not be afraid of the terror by night...9 because...14 set love/desire* upon Me

 APP: Following Jesus attracts demonic resistance and persecution (all who will live godly 2Tim 3:12 in Christ, will suffer like He did; Heb 2

IX. 27 Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.

28 Do not say to your neighbor, "Go, and come back, and tomorrow I will give it," when you have it with you. 29 Do not devise evil against your neighbor, for he dwells by you for safety's sake. 30 Do not strive with a man without cause, if he has done you no harm.

Mt 7:12 whatever you want men to do to youdo also to them,   for this is the Law and the Prophets 13 Enter by the narrow gate...

APP: Treat others like you would want to be treated: justly and compassionately (consider their perspective and God's). Not wise in own eyes

X. 31 Do not envy the oppressor, and choose none of his ways; 32 For the perverse person is an abomination to the LORD, but His secret/intimate counsel is with the upright. 33 The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked  but He blesses the home of the just. 34 Surely He scorns the scornful, but gives grace to the humble. 35 The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the legacy of fools

Pr 13:20 He who walks with wise will be wise, But the companion of fools will be destroyed    1Cor 15:33 Do not be deceived: Evil company corrupts good character  34 Awake to righteousness, and do not sin; for some do not have the knowledge of God. I speak this to your shame

APP: We become like those we focus on and hang with. Bad company corrupts good intentions and incurs their undesirable judgment