Big Apple Chapel is a New Testament based church in New York City, modeled after the pattern of the early church, with a strong emphasis on following Christ as a community of His disciples.

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BAC Sermons

The Great Commission

2000-01-01 Matthew 28:16-20

Context of resurrection appearances: Jesus is seen as Son of Man in Daniel 7:14, "all authority" having been given to him.  It is the commission of a King to his subjects.


I. It is a commission, not a suggestion.

A. The hallmark of a disciple is obedience

B. The hallmark of obedience is


II. It is to make disciples, not just converts

A. On an as you GO basis, not just a one or two shot deal.

B. You don't have to go somewhere to do it...lifestyle     


III. It is done through baptizing and teaching to obey.

A. Baptizing = identifying/fellowship with Triune God &  community/body of believers.

1. eis = in, not into

2. name = common synomym for power, authority RWP

3. eis + onoma are combined in Mt 10:41 "in the name of  a prophet"; 18:20 "Gathered in my name"; to the name or account of" in Hellenistic legal documents.    In the sense of being dedicated to God BAGD 572 "Through baptism   in the name of someone, the one who is baptized becomes the   possession of and comes under the protection of the One whose   name he bears; he is under the control of the effective power of   the name and the One who bears the name, ie, he is dedicated to them."

Acts 8:16 not baptized into name of HS resulted in no HS power

Acts 19:5 not baptized into name of Jesus resulted in no HS power

I Cor 1:13 being B. into the name of Paul would have been grounds for being a follower of him and justification of a faction.

B. Teaching is for the purpose of obedience.

1. In Matthew 13 it is becoming like the teacher

a. Duplicate of the original

b. You have to be one to make one

2. Paul in Romans (obedience of Faith)

3. In Acts (14:21) it involves strengthening and encouraging.

C. "As long as a Christian's blood has not been shed, he is only a beginner in discipleship (Ignatious to the Romans 5:3,)   not a true disciple of Christ (IRo4:2)


IV. It is God's plan for reaching all nations (ethnic groups)

A. Contrasted with previous commission in Mt 10 to Jews

B. This element is further specified in Acts 1:8

1. Start where you are

2. From there reach out to others

3. It took persecution in Acts 7 to get the early church to carry out the commission

4. What do you think it will take to get the modern church to reach out beyond itself?

C. This commission is something in which Christ is vitally   interested, as shown not only by its prominence as Christ's last words, but also by the promise that his presence will always   accompany (present tense) those who are obeying Him in this respect.