Big Apple Chapel is a New Testament based church in New York City, modeled after the pattern of the early church, with a strong emphasis on following Christ as a community of His disciples.

  • Sunday - 10:30 am
  • 520 8th Ave, 16th floor
    New York, NY
  • phone: +1 (973) 837-1041

Dream development

Dream Development

On an index card list your top need (=something that you and/or God would really like to change about your life) and your top desire (=if you could only do/get/have one thing this year, what would it be?).

There's a good chance you'll be able to take significant steps toward solving your need and fulfilling your desire during this seminar. Since chance favors the prepared mind, you'll increase your benefit from the seminar to the degree that you invest quality time preparing.

If you spend one solid hour and then two half hours preparing for the seminar you'll reap the benefits for the rest of your life! (Do not consult anyone else until after you've completed all three sessions. Of course if you pray while doing this preparation it would not be considered cheating and might even be a good idea.)

If you don't have a journal or diary to do this preparation you might want to consider using eight and a half by five and a half sized paper...many of the seminar handouts will be that size (like this form).


For ONE SOLID HOUR:  Start:_______  Finish:________

1) 15 minutes  In all probability Santa didn't give you all or exactly what you wanted, so here's another chance. Pretend you're sending your wish list to the North Pole and since you've been nice and not naughty (we are pretending) you will be granted everything on your list. What do you want?

                List all the things you've ever dreamed of doing, being, having or owning. Let your imagination run wild. Don't worry about how any of the things will occur. (That's my job...I'll worry for you.)




2) 30 minutes  Rapidly evaluate the five areas of your life (I. Job, II. Relationships, etc.) using the Evaluation Form and scale. [Don't do the "Ideal Day" or "Eulogy" (last sheets)]

3) 10 minutes  Write out what you want to do with the remaining years of your life.

4) 5 minutes  Rest from writers cramp.


For ONE HALF HOUR:  Start:________  Finish:________

1) 15 minutes   Without looking at your previous wish list and desires, create another list of everything you want God to do with, for, to, or through your life. Be both carnal and spiritual.

2)  15 minutes   Brainstorm and write down your "Ideal Day" (see second to the last sheet of Evaluation Form).


For ONE HALF HOUR:  Start:_______  Finish:_________

1) 10 minutes   Repeat either step one above.

2) 5 minutes   Compare your lists and note which items come up on all three.

3) 15 minutes   Write your "Eulogy" or how you'd like an article about you to appear in an encyclopedia printed 125 years after you were born (see last sheet of Evaluation Form).


I look forward to helping you have the Time of Your Life,

Bill Cobb