Big Apple Chapel is a New Testament based church in New York City, modeled after the pattern of the early church, with a strong emphasis on following Christ as a community of His disciples.

  • Sunday - 10:30 am
  • 520 8th Ave, 16th floor
    New York, NY
  • phone: +1 (973) 837-1041

Goal autopsy

Goal Autopsy

I. Purpose
Why do I want this goal?
Does my goal support/tie into my Life Purpose & Plan?
Is my goal consistent with how/why God's created me?
Exactly how can this goal bring God glory?

II. Objectives
Does my goal contribute to an Objective?
Does it fit or conflict with my other Objectives?
Does it unbalance my 80/20 plan?

III. Priorities
How important is this goal compared to my others'? 
What will this goal cost me (time, energy, money)?
Will investing in this goal bankrupt me in other areas?
How vital is this goal in achieving my Life Plan?
How many hours am I willing to pay for this goal?
Is there a better time in my life-cycle to do this goal?
What is the best time for its accomplishment?
When is the best time to expend the effort?
Have I made the steps  my #1 priority for each day?

IV. Goals
Is my goal written where I can review it regularly?
Have I done a Project Planner (PP)? A Goal Galvanizer?
Have I done a PP on why I haven't reached this goal?
Is it a SMART goal? (Specific, Measurable, Activating, Realistic, and Transforming)
Is my goal long range or short term? 
Too big? or have I broken it down into manageable steps? Need smaller steps?
Are the steps under my control? Does each specific action step lead to the goal?
Did I schedule the steps on Monthly and Weekly sheets? Can I tell when I've taken the step?

V. Visualization
How much time have I spent reviewing this goal?
Can I see myself taking the steps and reaching my goal?
Do I practice within so I can do when out?
Do I visualize myself starting and finishing each step?
As I pray about my goals, am I mouthing words or is there a picture?
Have I studied & absorbed the traits of my role models?
How many check marks are on my Goal Galvanizer?

VI. Affirmation & Internalization (Self-Talk)
Do I believe God wants me to achieve this goal?
Is this goal worthy of my Lord and my efforts?
Am I worthy of achieving this goal?
Is this goal consistent with my image of myself?
Do I daily affirm my ability to achieve this goal?

VII. Inspiration  Motivation  Automation
Have I chosen awards I'll enjoy as/when I reach it? 
Do I want this goal for the wrong reasons?
Do I need to change my motivation for this goal?
Do I have positive & negative motivation for reaching it?
Have I consciously programmed my sub-conscious robot for getting this goal?
Have I become a self-guided missile targeting on it?
Do my habits help or hinder me in achieving this goal?

VIII. Decision - Activation
When did I decide to go for this goal? What were the forces prompting me to decide to do it?
What have I decided NOT to do in order to achieve it?
Have I made the decision to fish or cut bait?

IX. Perspiration/Self-Discipline
When I set this goal was I aware of how much it would cost me? 
Am I still willing to work and pay the price to achieve this goal?
Do I value the process as much as the product?
Do I believe that in all hard labor there is profit?
Are Satan and the world are opposed to God's will?
Do I draw upon the resources of the HS as I strive?
Am I getting stronger through the process of seeking it
Am I working harder or smarter toward the goal?

X. Cooperation
What help do I have in reaching this goal?
Have I gotten input or counsel on my achievement of this goal?
Have I patterned myself after others who have reached similar goals?
Do I walk with the wise so I will become wise?
Do I pursue my goal with others for encouragement? 
Have I involved others to hold me accountable? 
Who can I ask to ask me about my goal weekly?
Who can I blame for my failure to achieve my goal?

XI. Realization/Achievement
Have I reaped what I sowed?
Exactly what have I reaped?
Am I closer toward this goal than I was when I started?
How or what can I sow differently for a different result?

XII. Evaluation
Have I been daily and weekly evaluating the progress I've been making?
Have I been making progress toward my other goals?
Is the problem with the goal or the goal getter (me)?
On what did I spend the time budgeted for this goal?
Was the alternative goal/objective of greater value in my/God's sight?
Is this still a worthy goal for me to pursue?
What's the biggest obstacle standing between me and my goal?
Is it within my power, ability, responsibility to do something about this obstacle?
Am I being faithful with what I can do?
Have I laid and maintained the spiritual, personal, and material foundation for building toward this goal? 
How can I be more creative in working smarter or getting over, under around or through the obstacles? 
Have I listed in writing the reasons why I didn't achieve my goal? (Project Planner?)