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Spiritual warfare prayer (prerequisites)

Spiritual Warfare Prayer (prerequisites)

Dr Ed Murphy “Handbook of SpirtualWarfare”, Nelson Pub, p 593. Appendix D&B:
Requirements for Deliverance and Staying Free from Further Demonization

1.     Be assured of salvation through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
2.   Humble yourself before God. Be totally open and honest with Him.
3.   Confess and renounce the sin of your family line.
4.   Confess and renounce your own sins.
5.   Choose to forgive everyone who has hurt, rejected, or offended you, especially those who have injured you the most deeply (an act of faith and obedience; your emotions have nothing to do with the matter).
6.   Ask God to forgive, redeem, and cleanse those who have hurt you. Desire Qy faith) their salvation and spiritual well-being.
7.   Commit the totality of your life to the absolute lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ.
8.   Speak out against Satan and his demons declaring they no longer have any place in your life. Their sin grounds have been removed. They must now leave your life and not return.

1.   Practice “The Daily Affirmation of Faith.” This is the “word of your testimony” (Rev. 12:11; Eph. 3:10). (See Appendix A.)
2.   Repeat the “Warfare Prayer” found in Appendix B. When you feel internal resis­tance to this prayer, it is demonic. Practice James 4:7—Sa until the demons leave. Tell them to leave quietly and with no harm to you.
3.   Study Ephesians 6:1—20 daily. By faith put on the whole armor of God. That armor is yours in Christ, i.e., he is the armor (Rom. 13:12—14; 2 Cor. 6:7; 10:4; Gal. 3:27). Pray according to Ephesians 6:18—20.
4.   Stay away from all sinful practices. Avoid any environment which will lead you into temptation. Avoid the companionship of persons who could lead you back into sin.
5.   Begin daily Bible study Don’t be concerned if you don’t understand everything in the Bible. Keep reading.
6.   Join a Bible-believing, Christ-honoring local church. Attend faithfully. Attend Sun­day School with your age group.
7.   Try and get into a small Bible study-prayer group, a James 5:16 prayer-share-healing group.
8.  Pray daily Start a prayer list of things and persons you want to pray for. God will answer your prayers.


Spiritual Warfare – Murphy p 522-523
Pitfall Two: Inadequate Pre-Deliverance Counseling
Failure to counsel adequately before attempting deliverance (if deliverance is needed) is the second pitfall. The purpose of pre-deliverance counseling is to discover what is truly occurring in the counselee’s life. If there is demonic activity the purpose is to help the individual understand the “sin handles” to which demons have possibly attached themselves. Demonic powers gain entrance only through sin areas in a person’s life. Sin areas give demons something to hold on to, hence the term “sin handles:’ The apostle Paul refers to them as ‘grounds” or “footholds” (PHILLIPS) in the believer’s life (Eph. 4:27).

In chapter 54 we examined generational or familial sin, discovering that such sin comes as a judgment from God. It often involves strong demonic influence, even demonization, which seems to pass down through a family’s line from one generation to the next.

The enemy may have gained entrance into the family by one of several ways:
through dedication of oneself or the family to an occult organization, a non-Christian religion, a god (which Paul calls a “no god” in Gal. 4:7), or evil spirits; or through curses put on a family or its members (including self-curses). Demons may have come through the commitment of a family head to sinful businesses such as crimes prostitution, or pornography, palmistry, New Age practices, conducting seances, reading tarot cards, venerating ancestors, or producing and selling occult literature. In addition, demons may enter through acts of violence and bloodshed, abuse, deceit, or various kinds of similar sinful acts.

Generational demonization will usually continue until someone in that family line finally takes responsibility for the ancestral sins, repents, and claims the cleans­ing blood of Christ to break the demonic power. After this occurs, all curses can be broken and the demons cast out. Such acceptance of responsibility for generational sin, repentance, arid cleansing needs to precede deliverance. If the person falls back into the family sin, then repents, generational sin may have to be broken again.

Finally, we must never forget that people often come into bondage to sin because they have been the victim of the sins of others. Even if the person is too young to sin personally or to remember the abuse itself, reactions against it can erupt into sins such as anger, rage, hatred (including self-hate), shame, rejection (including self-rejection), rebellion, and even attempts at suicide. Victims may also develop a myriad of sexual problems, such as excessive masturbation, promiscuity, sexual addictions, and frigidity. Victimized people are often drawn into these types of sinful behavior without knowing why.

Only as such sin areas are recognized by the person and dealt with through confession, repentance, and forgiveness through the cleansing power of Christ can total freedom from demonic attachment truly occur. That freedom usually occurs over a period of time, but it can occur instantly.
Unfortunately, many who practice spiritual warfare ministry and deliverance counseling often fall short at this point. Too often the counselor or deliverance minister goes directly after the demons, battling them sometimes for hours until the demons’ suffering becomes so extreme that they leave or are “cast out” of the victim—but for how long?

If effective pre-deliverance counseling is short-circuited, the deliverance will usually only be temporary. If the sin handles still remain, the original demons can easily return—with reinforcements (Matt. 12:42—45)! If the original demons are forbid­den to return, millions of other “free-floating” demons like them are ready to latch onto the still existing handles in the believer’s life. Truly, “the last state of that man becomes worse than the first” (Matt. 12:45 NASB).

Pitfall Three: Inadequate Post-Deliverance Counseling (see handbook)