Big Apple Chapel is a New Testament based church in New York City, modeled after the pattern of the early church, with a strong emphasis on following Christ as a community of His disciples.

  • Sunday - 10:30 am
  • 520 8th Ave, 16th floor
    New York, NY
  • phone: +1 (973) 837-1041


BAC Sermons

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What to Stress for Success: The ABC’s of Success1997-12-01--Cobb Character
Encouraged to Endure2011-08-07YesYesAlberti One Another
Devotional time too Quiet?2004-01-01--Cobb Time
Abel and Cain: Classic Jealousy2002-04-01--Cobb Giving
Accountability Relationship Hallmarks1993-02-01--Cobb One another
The Foundation of: Baptism and Hands1999-02-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Baptism: Immersion and Identification1999-07-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Barak: Faith in the Face of Fear2002-05-01--Cobb Strength
Be an Angel1998-03-01--Cobb Truth/Experience
Being Blessable is just the Beginning2002-02-01--Cobb Lordship
Blessing God - Giving Him What He Likes1993-07-01--Cobb Lordship
Body Building Part I1994-10-01--Cobb Unity
Body Building Part II1994-10-01--Cobb Unity
Body Building Part III1994-10-01--Cobb Unity
BOLD is Beautiful1995-11-01--Cobb Strength
Bondage Breaker1998-07-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Brotherly Kindness2003-04-01--Cobb Love
Caleb...A Wholehearted Believer2002-04-01--Cobb Victory
Called to Inherit2000-11-01--Cobb Rewards
Calvinism For Dummies: Thinking About Theology2006-07-23Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Calvinism for Dummies: Totally Dumb Depravity2006-08-06Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Calvinism For Dummies: Unconditional Election2006-08-20Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Camping with God Part III: God and the Big Box2000-04-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Christ in Isaiah1994-12-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Christmas Gifts for a King1986-07-12--Cobb Christmas
If God Were Your Travel Agent...Would You Have a Room at the Inn1993-12-01--Cobb Christmas
Mysterious or Marvelous? How God Intervenes in Human Affairs1994-12-01--Cobb Christmas
Wise Worship1995-12-01--Cobb Worship
Church Part 12000-12-01--Cobb Unity
The Assembly that is the Church Part 22001-04-01--Cobb Unity
Church Part 7 Church Discipline2000-01-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Church Discipline An Evidence of Christian Love2000-01-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
True Confessions1990-09-01--Cobb One another
Initiated into the Secret Mysteries of Contentment1993-07-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
The Secret of Contentment2002-06-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Deadly Desires1993-12-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Deadly Desires I: A Subway Named Desire1994-10-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Deadly Desires Part II The Exit Named Delight of Denial1994-10-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Deadly Desires Part III: The Traffic Light Named Renewal1994-11-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Quiet Time Meditations2004-06-25--Cobb Time
Diabolical Schemes1995-09-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Diligence For Fruitfulness2003-03-01--Cobb Character
Lessons For Disciples2004-07-01--Cobb Evaluation & Goals
Disciplemaking: How To Turn A Sow’s Purse Into A Silk Ear1997-10-31--Cobb Disciplemaking
II Kings Survey Part I: Elisha-The Prophetable Disciple1996-06-01--Cobb Disciplemaking
2 Kings Part II Dumb & Dumber...Divine Discipline1996-06-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Can God Meet Emotional Needs?2005-05-15--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Enoch Walking with God2000-01-01--Cobb Truth/Experience
The Church at Ephesus: Great...Good...Good for Nothing1995-12-01--Cobb Character
Equal Access1994-04-01--Cobb Prayer
Eternal Redemption2000-05-14--Cobb Victory
Evangelism Objectives2001-10-01--Cobb Evaluation & Goals
Jesus Evangelizes the Woman at the Water Cooler2000-01-01--Cobb Disciplemaking
The Fine Art of Exhortation1998-12-01--Cobb One another
Exodus Survey From Groaning to Glory1995-03-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Faith Facts2002-04-01--Cobb Salvation
Excuse Me, I Couldn't Help but Notice your Faith and Love1993-09-01--Cobb Friendship Evangelism
A Faithful Saint is Hard to Find1993-06-01--Cobb Lordship
Faithfulness: Semper Fi1998-08-01--Cobb Strength
Faithfulness with our Treasure Pt 1: Getting1998-09-16--Cobb Money
Faithfulness with Money Pt 2: The Poor With Us1998-09-23--Cobb Money
Faithfulness with Money Pt 3: Giving to Ourselves1993-09-01--Cobb Money
Family Life IV: The Proverbial Parent1995-07-01--Cobb Proverbial Parent
Faithfulness with Money Pt 4: Giving to God1998-10-01--Cobb Money
Faithfulness with Our Talents1998-11-01--Cobb Strength
Faithfulness with our Time2002-01-01--Cobb Time
Truly Faithful1998-10-01--Cobb Truth/Experience
Family Life Part I: Marriage...Feast or Famine?2006-09-04Yes-Cobb Marriage
Family Life II: How to be the Wife of a Happy Husband1995-07-01--Cobb Godly Wives
Family Life III: How to be the Husband of a Contented Wife1995-07-01--Cobb Godly Husbands
Family Life V: Parenting-What to Stress for Success1995-08-01--Cobb Stress for Success
Family Life VIII: A Happy Family is a Sticky Family1998-01-01--Cobb Stress for Success
Welcome to the Family - Benefits of the Blood1994-03-01--Cobb Unity
Scared Diligent1998-01-01--Cobb Lordship
Proverbs Survey: Wisdom Prerequisite...Fear of the Lord1997-08-01--Cobb Lordship
Firm Believer: Commitment - the Key to Success2004-01-01--Cobb Strength
Friend or Foe2003-04-01--Cobb Friendships
What a Friend We have in Jesus1993-10-01--Cobb Friendships
Fruit is the Product of a Process: Are You Mango or Moss?1995-04-01--Cobb Disciplemaking
Fruitful Fellowship [Christlikeness & Converts]2002-01-01--Cobb One another
Gay Marriage2004-01-01--Cobb Marriage
Focus on the Family's Position Statement on Same-Sex "Marriage" and Civil Unions2004-01-16--Cobb Marriage
Family.org: Homosexuality2000-01-01--Cobb Marriage
Vaccination to Prevent Homosexuality2000-01-01--Cobb Proverbial Parent
Genesis Part 3 Can God Be Trusted? Does He Know What He's Doing?1996-02-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Goals and the Magic Lamp2003-02-01--Cobb Evaluation & Goals
God the Perfect Father2004-01-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Godliness2003-01-01--Cobb Worship
Goofy about Gifts1994-09-01--Cobb Unity
Displaying the Glory of God1993-11-01--Cobb Lordship
Walk This Way1995-02-01--Cobb Love
Proverbs: A Praiseworthy Woman1997-05-01--Cobb Godly Wives
The Godly Go Get Goals2009-02-08Yes-Cobb Evaluation & Goals
God Has Spoken, Not Stuttered1998-03-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
God Delivers but No Credit Cards1996-11-01--Cobb Salvation
God's Plan for Leadership1999-05-01--Cobb Leadership
A Shouting Star2004-11-01Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Grace Under Pressure1994-02-01--Cobb Salvation
Praising Grace: The Coin of the Realm of Heaven2006-09-17Yes-Cobb Blessing & Grace
Hearing and Seeing2005-09-01--Cobb Truth/Experience
Hints For A Healthy Heart1994-02-01--Cobb Worship
Filled with the Spirit & Spilling All Over1995-06-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Fruit of the Spirit1998-11-01--Cobb Character
Implications of the Incarnation1996-06-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Declaring Independence and Dependence1998-07-01--Cobb Strength
Inheritance: God reveals His goodness by blessing the faithful1993-09-01--Cobb Rewards
An Invitation to Guts and Glory1994-09-01--Cobb Character
Interruptions and Healing2005-02-20--Cobb Time
Intimacy in Relationships2005-01-01--Cobb Marriage
Islam and the Quran (Qu’ran Koran) Revelation, Reason, and Reality yield Truth2004-10-21Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Issues of Life and Death: War and Abortion2004-09-26--Cobb Love
Issues of Passion2004-02-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Jesus is Better because:1998-03-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
High Priest for a Low People2000-01-01--Cobb Great Commission/Missions
Jesus and Friends at the Farewell Party Part 12003-08-01--Cobb One another
Jesus and Friends Part 22003-09-07--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
The Priorities of Followers of Jesus2004-08-09Yes-Cobb Worth and Value
Jesus and Friends Part 32003-09-14--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Jesus and Friends Part 4: Love and Hate2003-09-21--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Jesus and Friends Part 5: Truth and Trials2003-09-28--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
A Tale to Wail1993-01-01--Cobb Prayer
Not your average Joe2002-09-01--Cobb Strength
Knowing God to Know the Future1993-11-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Lies We Believe2006-04-01Yes-Cobb Truth/Experience
The Gospel According to Gump: Darkness is Dumb...Light is Bright1995-04-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Lord of the Ringless: Contentment and Singleness2003-06-01--Cobb Lord of the Ringless
The Real Lord’s Prayer Part 12003-10-12--Cobb Prayer
The Real Lord’s Prayer Part 22003-10-19--Cobb Prayer
Loving the Lord2003-05-18--Cobb Lordship
Loyal Love...and other Scarce Commodities1995-12-01--Cobb Love
Solomon on Money, Sex & Power - Management1997-07-01--Cobb Design
Moses da Man2002-07-01--Cobb Strength
Noah - "Know A" Good Man of Faith2002-09-01--Min Strength
Whipping the Wimp Within1995-09-01--Cobb Strength
Parent Principles2000-01-01--Cobb Proverbial Parent
Hold on to Your Hats and Tickets1999-01-01--Cobb Strength
Partners in Grime2000-01-01--Cobb Friendships
Pay Attention1998-04-01--Cobb Strength
Peace = No Fences, Not Strong Fences1994-04-01--Cobb Love
Perception and Performance 1 - Easter2004-04-11--Cobb Worth and Value
Exercise Yourself for Godliness & Body Building2007-01-21Yes-Cobb Evaluation & Goals
Perception and Performance 2: Relationships2004-04-18--Cobb Worth and Value
Perception and Performance 3: Emotions A2004-04-25--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Perception and Performance 4: Emotions B Fear2004-05-25--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Perception and Performance 5: Emotions C Anger2004-05-22--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Perception and Performance 6: Emotions D Bitterness2004-06-13--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Perception and Performance 9: Disciplemaking2004-05-14--Cobb Disciplemaking
Perception and Performance 7: Escapism and Excitement Addiction2004-06-06--Cobb Victory
Perception and Performance 8: Passion2004-06-01--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Perfection And Perfectionism2000-02-01Yes-Cobb Evaluation & Goals
What's Up with the Law?2011-08-21YesYesCobb God's Will
The Lost Art of Cursing1997-02-01--Cobb Victory
Perseverance for the Prize2006-10-14--Cobb Rewards
Pleasing God: Giving Him What He Wants1995-04-01--Cobb Sanctification
Filled with Power or Paraphernalia?1994-08-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Displaying the Power of God (Part I)1995-11-01--Cobb Lordship
Displaying the Power of God (Part II - The Power and Light Co.)1993-12-01--Cobb Lordship
Praise God Because...1997-03-01--Cobb Worship
Prayer: Invisible Armor1995-11-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose1997-03-01--Cobb Prayer
Survey Of Biblical Teachings On Prayer1999-03-01--Cobb Prayer
Praying For Each Other1993-11-01--Cobb Prayer
Praying in the Light When God's Keeping You in the Dark1995-11-01--Cobb Prayer
Pride and Humility Part 1 - Humble Pie with Ice Cream2007-03-03Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Pride and Humility Part 2 - Proud as a Peacock2007-03-11Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Five Minute Humility in Three Easy Steps - Part 42003-02-01--Cobb Sanctification
Priority of Pleasing God (rather than others or ourselves)2002-02-01--Cobb Worship
Prophet without Honor2005-03-13--Cobb Truth/Experience
Rejoice Always2000-01-01--Cobb Victory
My Heart Christ's Home2008-06-22--Kamp
Resurrection Power2005-03-26--Cobb Victory
Renewal, Relationships, Responsibility “Getting Through the Auditions”2003-01-01--Cobb Speech
The Foundation of Repentance and Faith1999-04-01--Cobb Sanctification
Responding to Carnal Christians2000-04-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Getting the Goods by doing Well1993-09-01--Cobb Rewards
Ruminating on the Resurrection2000-01-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
The Ideal Ruler1996-12-01--Cobb Lordship
Sarah: A “Hall of Faith” Woman2000-01-01--Cobb Godly Wives
Satisfaction: Fill ‘er Up with...1997-05-01--Cobb Worth and Value
Secret Miracle2005-02-27--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Pain or Pleasure: See, Hear, Speak Part I1994-12-01--Cobb Worship
Edification: See, Hear, Speak Part II1994-12-01--Cobb Worship
A Good Servant Is Worth Their Weight In Glory1992-11-01--Cobb Love
Tips for Service1994-07-01--Cobb Sanctification
Serving God Conscientiously2000-12-05--Cobb Worship
Simeon2004-01-01--Rapsas Character
Spiritual Growth2005-01-23--Cobb Disciplemaking
Solomon on Sex - Proverbs Survey1997-07-01--Cobb Marriage
Saga of the Sorry Sluggard2003-03-01--Cobb Discipline and Self-Disciple
The Deadly Sin of Sloth2003-03-01--Cobb Discipline and Self-Disciple
Saint or Sinner - Confidence or Cowardice2001-02-01--Cobb Strength
Samson: Faith in the Belly of Failure2000-01-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Satan Sows Soporific Seed2000-01-01--Cobb Truth/Experience
Saved to the Uttermost2000-02-01--Cobb Sanctification
Selected for Sonship - Part I1993-07-01--Cobb Salvation
Selected for Sonship II (Adoption)1993-08-01--Cobb Salvation
Self-Control for Fruitfulness2003-03-01--Cobb Strength
Self-Control II: Inhibit or Exhibit an Impulse2003-04-01--Cobb Strength
Self-Control2000-01-01--Cobb Discipline and Self-Disciple
Excerpts re: Self Control2000-01-01--Cobb Strength
Select Self-Improvement Projects2000-01-01--Cobb Strength
Talk Dirty To Me1995-02-01--Cobb Speech
Brewing Up a Good Cup of Speech2003-08-01--Cobb Speech
Studded Shoes and a Soaked Shield1995-10-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Spiritual Sumo Wrestling1995-09-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Spiritual Warfare2000-01-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Stephen - A Very Useful Saint2002-09-01--Cobb Sanctification
The Sublimation of Sanctification1998-04-01--Cobb Sanctification
The S-Word: Submission2006-10-03Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Sufferin’ Succotash it’s Captain Salvation!1998-05-01--Cobb Salvation
You Ought to be a Teacher1999-05-01--Cobb Leadership
Holy Temple or Holy Cow?1994-04-01--Cobb Unity
Triumphing Over Temptation1998-08-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
This is Only a Test1994-11-01Yes-Cobb Victory
Thanks for Everything1995-02-01--Cobb Prayer
Thanksgiving1990-11-01--Cobb Blessing & Grace
The First Thanksgiving Proclamation June 20, 16761995-11-01--Cobb Blessing & Grace
The Passover and the Lord’s Supper2005-11-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
To Forsake or Not to Forsake2001-04-01--Cobb One another
TOYL and Trouble1994-01-01--Cobb Time
True Love2004-02-01--Cobb Love
Trusting And Fearing A Trustworthy And Fearful God1997-01-01--Cobb Prayer
It Ain’t Over ‘til...1994-02-01--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
A Virtuous Woman is Hard to Find2003-05-01--Cobb Godly Wives
Walking Worthy of Our Calling2000-05-01Yes-Cobb Unity
Weak & Imperfect Servants2000-03-01--Cobb Leadership
Western Civ 101 Biblical Guide to Christianity2000-01-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
The Wheel: The Balanced Christian in Action2004-01-18--Cobb Overview of Discipleship Passages
The Will of God1995-04-01--Cobb Worship
Wisdom for Sale! (Folly is Free)1995-05-01--Cobb Sanctification
Role of Women in the Church1999-03-01--Cobb Leadership
The Word of God1999-09-01--Cobb The Word
Work As Workship1994-03-01--Cobb Worship
Preparing for the Ultimate Performance Review2004-07-01--Cobb Character
Whaddaya See...The World to Come?1998-05-01--Cobb End Times
How To Worship A Great God1987-07-06--Cobb Worship
What is a Biblical Church?1998-05-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
OT Survey Preface1996-02-01--Cobb The Word
NT Survey - The Gospel and the Kingdom2000-01-01--Cobb The Word
NT Survey: The Kingdom2000-01-01--Cobb End Times
I Kings Survey Part I: Solomon & Sons, Kings1996-06-01--Cobb
Kings Survey Part II: How to Prophet in Tough Times1996-09-01--Cobb
1 Samuel Survey: Winners & Losers1996-06-01--Cobb
2 Chronicles Survey Part I: The Amazin' Asa and Jump'n Jehosaphat1996-07-01--Cobb
2 Chronicles Survey Part III Companions of Consequence1996-07-01--Cobb
2 Chronicles Survey Part IV Hezekiah the Happy1996-07-01--Cobb
2 Chron Survey Part VI Never Too Young or Old for Doing What's Right1996-09-01--Cobb
2 Samuel Survey David's Little Instruction Book for Life1996-05-01--Cobb
I & II Corinthians NT Survey NYSB1990-03-01--Cobb
Deuteronomy Survey - These Words Are Your Life1996-03-01--Cobb Sanctification
Esther Survey - The Funny Bone of God1994-10-01--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Exodus Survey - From Groaning to Glory1996-03-01--Cobb
Ezra Survey Part 1 The Eye of God1996-09-01--Cobb
The Proverbial Fool1997-03-31--Cobb
New Testament Survey Galatians & Romans NYSB1990-03-01--Cobb
Isaiah 6 "Speaking for God"1990-10-01--Cobb Ministry
Job Survey1996-10-01--Cobb Truth/Experience
Joshua Survey: Conquest through Victory1996-03-31--Cobb
Judges 5-16 "Unlikely Candidates for Faith's Hall of Fame"1990-10-31--Cobb
Leviticus Survey: Holy Moley and other Silly Things1996-03-01--Cobb
Ruth Survey Ruth & Boaz: Salmon Swimming Upstream1996-05-01--Cobb Discipline and Self-Disciple
Apostles and Saints: Who needs them?1992-02-01--Cobb Leadership
Aquila and Priscilla: A Christlike Couple1990-03-01--Cobb
Church Part 12000-12-01--Cobb Unity
Church Part 7 Church Discipline2001-02-01--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Cults: Scientology and the Worldwide Church of God1987-10-31--Cobb Truth/Experience
Deceived by Dandelions1995-03-01--Cobb Deadly Desires
Establishing Your Quiet Time2000-01-01--Cobb Time
Is Divorce and Remarriage an option for a believer?2005-04-02--Cobb Marriage
Inheriting Eternal Life1991-10-01--Cobb Rewards
Glorifying God1994-05-01--Cobb Worship
Good Works2000-01-01--Cobb Giving
The Great Commission2000-01-01--Cobb Great Commission/Missions
Study Guide to the Holy Spirit1991-07-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Rejoice Always2000-01-01--Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Kingdom is Future2000-01-01--Cobb End Times
NT Ministry Models1990-03-31--Cobb Ministry Service
NT Ministry Models - Bad Examples1990-03-31--Cobb Ministry Service
Hard Working Women NT Ministry Models1990-05-01--Cobb Ministry Service
Simon Simple and Nellie Naive1993-03-31--Cobb Character
NT Ministry Models: Hard Working Asian & Italian Women1990-03-31--Cobb Ministry Service
Caring for One Another2000-01-01--Cobb One Another
Parent Principles2000-01-01--Cobb Proverbial Parent
Believers I have known, the good, the sad, the ugly1993-05-01--Cobb Friendships
Some rewarding verses for contemplation2000-01-01--Cobb Rewards
Rewards in the Gospels - part II1990-01-01--Cobb Rewards
Rewards in the gospels - part I1990-01-01--Cobb Rewards
Rewards Summary2000-01-01--Cobb Rewards
Saint or Sinner - Confidence or Cowardice2001-02-01--Cobb Victory
Salvation1994-01-01--Cobb Salvation
Sanctification, Sanctify2000-01-01--Cobb Sanctification
Seats in Heaven1994-02-01--Cobb End Times
Shepherding Group Journey Guide1991-10-31--Cobb One another
Signs & Wonders1991-09-01--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Suffering2000-01-01--Cobb Strength
How to Train Teachers: (Including Yourself)1989-01-01--Cobb Ministry Service
The Heavenly New Earth - Part I2007-04-30Yes-Kamp End Times
The Heavenly New Earth – Part 22007-05-06Yes-Kamp End Times
Reasonable Fundamentals V: The Return of Christ2007-04-22Yes-Cobb End Times
Reasonable Fundamentals IV: Resurrection pt 32007-04-15Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Reasonable Fundamentals II Resurrection pt 12007-04-01Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Reasonable Fundamentals III: Resurrection pt 22007-04-08Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Reasonable Fundamentals2007-03-25Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Pride and Humility Part 4 - Five Minute Humility in Three Easy Steps2007-03-18Yes-Cobb Worth and Value
Values Change: What do you want & why do you want it?2007-02-18Yes-Cobb Worth and Value
Gal 5 Walk by the Spirit in Dependent, Fruitful Victory2007-02-11Yes-Cobb Sanctification
The Pleasure of Pleasing God2007-01-28Yes-Cobb Worship
The Gift of Jesus is the Promised Reason for the Season2006-12-03Yes-Cobb Salvation
Hiking with God to the land of Delights2007-01-07Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Thanks God!2006-12-01Yes-Cobb Worship
Eternal Life for Faithful Sheep2006-11-19--Cobb Lordship
Worldlings Do Not Inherit Heavenly Blessings2006-11-12--Cobb Deadly Desires
Inheriting Eternal Life: “Do…to…Get?”2006-11-04Yes-Cobb Rewards
The Miraculous Department of Redundant Miracles Department, Take 22006-10-22Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Good Works, Good Lord, Good Glory2006-10-03Yes-Cobb Giving
Perseverance or Eternal Security/Assurance?2006-09-24Yes-Cobb Rewards
Calvinism For Dummies: Grace Resistible2006-09-10Yes-Cobb Salvation
Calvinism For Dummies: Allegedly Limited Atonement2006-09-03Yes-Cobb Salvation
The Lord is my Gardener, I shall not want2006-07-16--Cobb Character
Stewardship & Sacrifice2006-06-25Yes-Cobb Giving
Abiding in God’s Presence2006-06-12--Cobb Sanctification
The Praiseworthy Man2006-06-04Yes-Cobb Godly Husbands
The God Who is to be Praised2006-05-28Yes-Cobb Worship
Believing in Vain2006-04-20--Cobb Rewards
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, Grace and Glory2005-03-05Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
The Real Battle of Spiritual Warfare2006-03-25Yes-Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Two Stage Miracle2005-10-09Yes-Cobb Truth/Experience
Expectant Faith2005-03-06Yes-Cobb Prayer
Catholicism and the Bible2004-11-14--Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Defense Against the Dark Arts of Satan Pt 22006-03-10--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Defense Against Dark Arts Pt I2006-03-03--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Firm Foundation, Flimsy House2004-01-01--Cobb Sanctification
Dangers of Defilement2005-09-18--Cobb Deadly Desires
The Will of God Part 22005-06-05--Cobb Truth/Experience
Storms and Faith2005-01-30--Cobb Strength
Parable of the Sower2004-08-22--Cobb Great Commission/Missions
Clothed and in Your Right Mind2005-02-13--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Prophet without Honor 22005-03-19--Cobb Truth/Experience
Dependent Disciples Minister2000-01-01--Cobb Ministry Service
Repentance is a Change of Mind2005-06-26--Cobb Sanctification
John the Baptist, a Model Disciple2005-07-10--Cobb Character
Christlike Compassion2005-07-17--Cobb Love
Multiplying Miracles2005-07-24--Cobb Blessing & Grace
Hard Hearts don’t Float2005-07-08--Cobb Blessing & Grace
Truth or Tradition2005-08-14--Cobb Truth/Experience
Demons, Dogs and Deaf Mutes2005-09-25--Cobb Prayer & Weapons
Signs and Wanderers2005-10-02--Cobb Truth/Experience
Transfiguration for Truthseekers2005-10-30--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
The Point Of Parables2004-08-15--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Mother’s Day: Honoring Praiseworthy Women2005-05-25--Cobb Godly Wives
Satan Sows Soporific Seed2004-09-12--Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Perspectives on Christmas2004-12-05--Cobb Christmas
The Truth about Traditions2005-08-28--Cobb Truth/Experience
If We Don’t Change Our Direction Soon, We’ll End Up Where We’re Going2007-01-15Yes-Hulbert Character
Genesis Themes: Getting Blessed2008-02-03Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Crossing the Goal Line2008-02-17Yes-Hulbert Evaluation & Goals
Zeal: Pure Passion2005-05-20--Cobb Sanctification
Eschatology: Study of End Times2007-06-03Yes-Cobb End Times
Lessons from Life in the Millennial Kingdom2007-06-10Yes-Cobb End Times
52 Steps to Godliness Sample - The Eternal Word2007-05-20--Cobb Evaluation & Goals
God is not just love but Just and Love2007-06-24Yes-Kamp The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Waiting for God2007-07-01Yes-Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
True Confessions2007-07-15Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Blessing God2007-07-08Yes-Cobb Lordship
The Sublimation of Sanctification2007-07-22Yes-Cobb Sanctification
It Ain't Gonna Reign No More2007-07-29--Cobb Sanctification
Happily ever after: Waiting for Prince Charming2007-08-12Yes-Cobb Marriage
Happily Ever After: Searching for Sleeping Beauty2007-08-19Yes-Cobb Marriage
Wealth of the Wicked, Suffering of the Saints2007-08-26Yes-Kamp Strength
Prayer: Use it, don't abuse it2007-06-16Yes-Winzenried Prayer
Caring for One Another - Part I2007-09-30Yes-Cobb One Another
Institute in Basic Life Principles Follow-Up2007-09-23Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Conflict and its Cure2007-09-16--Cobb One Another
Judgment Day - Part 12010-08-01YesYesCobb End Times
Masquerade Ball or Mountain Climb? Relationships and Friendships2007-09-02--Cobb One another
Caring for One Another - part 22007-10-07Yes-Cobb One Another
Don Argue - American Bible Society speech2007-12-10Yes-Kamp
Objectives for Sharing the Good News and All things to All men2007-10-21Yes-Cobb
Relationships in and out of the Body2007-10-14Yes-Cobb Friendships
The Whys and Hows of Bible Study2007-11-04Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Free to be Fruitful2007-11-18Yes-Kamp Sanctification
Self-Control for Fruitfulness Pt I2007-12-02Yes-Cobb Sanctification
One Life One Goal2010-01-10YesYesCobb Evaluation & Goals
Self-Control II: Inhibit or Exhibit an Impulse2007-12-09Yes-Cobb Sanctification
A Biblical Church2008-01-06Yes-Winzenried One another
Whom Shall We Fear?2008-01-13Yes-Pinner The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Gifts, Glossolalia & Goobledygook2008-01-27Yes-Cobb Truth/Experience
Exodus Themes: Grief to Glory2008-02-24Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Running the Race – part 1: for Rewards2008-03-09Yes-Kamp Rewards
Proverbs Study on "Seeking Counsel"2008-03-17Yes-Min Leadership
Erring about Easter: Missing the Point & the Power2008-03-23Yes-Cobb Christmas
Plugging into Resurrection Power2008-03-30Yes-Cobb Victory
Intimacy With God2008-04-06Yes-Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Leviticus Themes: Holy Sacrifices and Sanctification2008-04-13Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Questions of Destiny2008-04-20Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Barriers to Intimacy with God2008-04-28Yes-Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
ABC’s of Knowing God Intimately A-L2008-05-04Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
ABC’s of Knowing God Intimately M-Z2008-05-11Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Living Biblically2008-06-01Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Confidence in God2009-01-11Yes-Kamp God meets Emotional Needs
Running the Race part 2 - with Self-Esteem2008-06-15Yes-Kamp Victory
John 3:16 The Only Way to Life and Abundant Life2008-06-22Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Experiencing the Abundant Life2008-06-29Yes-Cobb Blessing & Grace
Lie Busters2007-08-08--Cobb Truth/Experience
Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage2008-07-13Yes-Cobb Marriage
Numbers Themes: Getting Egypt out of Israel2008-07-20Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Disciplined in the Desert or Delighting in Dessert2008-07-27Yes-Cobb Blessing & Grace
Why Go to Church?2008-08-03Yes-Cobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Sharing the Rest is for the Best2008-08-17Yes-Cobb Blessing & Grace
Faithfulness: Semper Fi2008-08-31Yes-Cobb Character
Faithfulness with our Treasure - part 22008-09-21Yes-Cobb Money
Honor Heirs for Answered Prayers2010-02-07YesYesCobb Godly Husbands
A Faithful Saint is Full of Faith2008-12-07Yes-Cobb Faithfulness
Faithfulness with our Time2008-09-07Yes-Cobb Time
Winning Ways2010-01-24YesYesCobb Godly Wives
Faithfulness with Our Talents2008-11-16Yes-Cobb Faithfulness
Faithfulness with our Treasure2008-09-14Yes-Cobb Money
Roadmap for Rocky Relationships2009-01-18Yes-Cobb Marriage
Faithfulness with Money Pt 3: Giving to Ourselves2008-09-28Yes-Cobb Giving
Faithfulness - Money Pt 4: Giving to God2008-10-05--Cobb Giving
Faithfulness - Money Pt 5: Giving to God2008-10-12Yes-Cobb Giving
Running the Race - Part 3 - Value Changes2008-10-19Yes-Kamp Worth and Value
Biblical Parenting Power1995-01-07--Cobb Proverbial Parent
Magic Lamp of Self-Esteem1995-01-08--Cobb Proverbial Parent
Ephesians Chart2008-11-09Yes-Cobb Knowing God
Truly Faithful2008-11-23Yes-Cobb Truth/Experience
Confidence in God (Part II)2009-01-25Yes-Kim Knowing God
7 Relationship Principles: #1=Enhance Love Maps2009-02-01Yes-Cobb Friendships
7 Rlshp Principles: #2 Nurture, #3 Affirm, #4 Influence2009-02-22Yes-Cobb Marriage
7 Rlshp Principles: #5 Solve Solvable Problems2009-03-01Yes-Cobb Marriage
7 Rlshp Principles: #6 Overcome Gridlock2009-03-08YesYesCobb Marriage
7 Rlshp Principles: #7 Create Shared Meaning2009-03-15Yes-Cobb Marriage
7 Rlshp Principles: Summary2009-03-22Yes-Cobb Marriage
Following Jesus to Bethany2009-03-29Yes-Cobb Lordship
Nazareth Manifesto and the Year of Jubilee - Part 12009-04-05Yes-Cobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Nazareth Manifesto and the Year of Jubilee - Part 22009-04-12YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Truth and Freedom2009-05-03YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Select Sojourners2009-05-31YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Faith Hope and Joy in Salvation2009-06-07--Cobb Rewards
Initiated into the Secret Mysteries of Contentment2009-05-17-YesCobb God meets Emotional Needs
What is Truth?2009-06-14Yes-Kamp Truth/Experience
Sojourning Saints are Sanctified Sprinters2009-06-21Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Loving Saints {Be or Do???}2009-06-28Yes-Cobb Love
Holy Priests Offer Pleasing Sacrifices2009-07-12Yes-Cobb Worship
Holy Pilgrims Walk in the Light2009-07-19Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Deadly Desires Intro2009-07-26Yes-Cobb Deadly Desires
The Sublimation of Sanctification2009-08-02Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Reasonable & Relational Evangelism - Part 12012-11-18YesYesCobb Friendship Evangelism
Abstaining from 7 deadly sins2009-08-09YesYesCobb Deadly Desires
What a Friend We Have in Suffering2009-10-11Yes-Cobb God meets Emotional Needs
Good Works, Good Lord, Good Glory - part 12009-08-16Yes-Cobb One Another
Good Works, Good Lord, Good Glory - part 22009-08-23Yes-Cobb One Another
The S-Word: Submission2009-08-30-YesCobb One another
Liberty or Death2009-09-13Yes-Cobb Victory
Work as Worship: Biblical View of Work - part I2009-09-20Yes-Cobb Work
Work as Worship: Biblical View of Work - part 22009-09-27Yes-Cobb Work
Smart Suffering2009-10-04YesYesCobb God meets Emotional Needs
Following Christ - Living for Righteousness2009-10-18Yes-Cobb Sanctification
Sheep Survival Strategies2009-10-25Yes-Cobb Blessing & Grace
Character and Virtue2009-11-01Yes-Cobb Character
God is first my GPS, then my Copilot2009-11-15YesYesCobb Character
Building a Biblical World View2009-11-22Yes-Cobb Knowing God
Created or Self-Caused?2009-12-06YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Created or Self-Caused? 22010-01-17YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Taste and Trust God’s Goodness2010-02-14YesYesCobb Worship
Deceived to Delivered2010-02-28YesYesCobb Deadly Desires
Experiencing God's Best Plan in Relationships2010-02-21YesYesCobb One Another
What God Wants - Part 1: Discernment2010-03-14YesYesKamp Truth/Experience
What God Wants - Part 2: Great Commandments2010-03-21YesYesKamp Truth/Experience
Inherit a Blessing or Bungle your Inheritance2010-03-28YesYesCobb Rewards
The Last Breakfast (Is Seeing Believing?)2010-04-04YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Apologetics: Reason for the Hope2010-04-11YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Good Conscience -> Good Communion with God2010-04-18YesYesCobb God meets Emotional Needs
Baptism Saves the Justified2010-05-09YesYesCobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Developing a Good Reputation with God – a Journey2010-05-02YesYesKim Faithfulness
Mental Armor distinguishes Conquerors from Captives2010-05-16YesYesCobb Victory
Noah: Preacher of Righteousness2010-04-25YesYesCobb God's Will
Sufferin’ Succotash it’s Captain Salvation!1998-05-01--Cobb Character
Declaring Independence and Dependence1998-07-01--Cobb Knowing God
Bondage Breaker1998-07-15--Cobb Warfare
Give an Account2010-05-23YesYesCobb Evaluation & Goals
The End of Prayer2010-06-06YesYesCobb Prayer
Fervent Love2010-06-13YesYesCobb Love
Biblical Hospitality: Giving without Grumbling2010-06-27YesYesCobb Ministry Service
God's the Perfect Father2010-06-20YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Biblical Economics for Orphans2010-07-11YesYesCobb Stress for Success
Grace to Glorify2010-07-18YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Judgment Day - Part 22010-08-08YesYesCobb End Times
Leadership Tasks entrusted to Elders2010-08-15YesYesCobb Church
Characteristics Of Godliness2010-08-22YesYesCobb Sanctification
Suffer to Glorify2010-07-25YesYesCobb Victory
Characteristics Of Godliness - Part 22010-08-29YesYesCobb Sanctification
The S-Word: Submission2010-09-12YesYesCobb One another
Defense Against the Dark Arts - part 12010-09-26YesYesCobb Prayer & Weapons
Antidote for Anxiety2010-09-19YesYesCobb Strength
Defense Against the Dark Arts - part 22010-10-03YesYesCobb Prayer & Weapons
Suffering to Answer the Call to Glory2010-10-10YesYesCobb Rewards
True Grace vs False Grace2010-10-17YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Caterpillar or Butterfly2010-10-24YesYesCobb Victory
Checklist for Choosing a Church2010-10-31YesYesCobb Church
Acceptance or Rejection2010-11-07YesYesCobb Friendships
Knowing God and the Good Life2010-11-21YesYesCobb Knowing God
Give Thanks to our Good God2010-11-28YesYesCobb Thanksgiving
Prophetic Promises and Purposes2010-12-05YesYesCobb Knowing God
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing2010-12-12YesYesCobb Christmas
Fullness of the Ole St. Nick of Time2010-12-19YesYesCobb Christmas
Truth-Based Belief Beats Self-Deception2011-01-09YesYesAlberti Truth/Experience
Annual Spiritual: Faith, Hope, and Love Checkup2011-01-16YesYesCobb Evaluation & Goals
Wisdom for Sale! (Folly is Free)2011-01-23YesYesCobb Character
Glorifying God the Judge2011-02-06YesYesCobb Knowing God
Value Changes - What do you want & Why do you want it?2011-02-14YesYesCobb Sanctification
Saga of the Sorry Sluggard2011-02-28YesYesCobb Character
Preaching, Teaching and Edification2011-03-06YesYesCobb Church
Faith Actuates God's Promises2011-03-13YesYesCobb Faith
Faith Actuates God's Promises - Part 22011-03-20YesYesCobb Faith
Faith: Use it or Lose it2011-03-27YesYesCobb Faith
Keep the Faith2011-04-03YesYesCobb Faith
Work: "I hate my boss and my railroad train pajamas"2011-04-10YesYesCobb Work
Prayer in the Garden2011-04-17YesYesCobb Prayer
Easter on the Road to Emmaus2011-04-24YesYesCobb Easter
Training Objectives and Christian Career Path2011-05-01YesYesAlberti Spiritual Growth
Biblical Church, Culture Club, or Cult2011-05-08YesYesCobb Church
Good News2011-05-15Yes-Cobb The Word
Exegetical Outline Walk-Thru2011-05-22YesYesCobb The Word
Renewed Thinking about Ourselves and the Body2011-06-05YesYesCobb Sanctification
Renewed Thinking about Ourselves and the Body - Part 22011-06-12YesYesCobb Sanctification
Sound Speech, Seasoned with Salt2011-06-26YesYesKamp Speech
How Do You Know What's True?2011-07-10YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Habakuk Survey: The God Who Allows Difficult Situations into Our Lives.2011-07-17YesYesMin Suffering
Know your Enemy: Satan-Truth Twister, Deceiver and Destroyer2011-07-24YesYesCobb Warfare
How Do You Know What's True? Part 22011-07-31YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Be Anxious for Nothing…2011-08-14YesYesKamp Anxiety
Genesis Review: Sovereignty, Short-Cuts and Self-Control2011-09-18YesYesCobb Knowing God
Blessing does not guarantee Benefits2011-09-25YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
The Purpose and Prayers of Paul2011-09-11YesYesCobb Salvation
Golden Calf Roller Coaster Ride2011-10-09YesYesCobb Strength
Ten Commandments: Sanctify, Unify, Bless2011-10-02YesYesCobb God's Will
Atonement, Blessings, Cursing2011-10-16YesYesCobb Knowing God
Great Reward or Great Regret2011-10-23YesYesCobb Rewards
Caleb...A Whole-Hearted Believer2011-10-30Yes-Cobb Character
Passover and the Lord’s Supper2011-11-06YesYesCobb Discipline Baptism Lord’s Supper
Predestination and Free Choice/Will2011-11-20YesYesCobb Predestination, Free Will
Judges: Breaking Sin Cycles2011-12-04YesYesCobb Victory
Christmas Names2011-12-11YesYesCobb Christmas
Time Of Your Life - TOYL - Part 12012-01-15Yes-Cobb TOYL
Time Of Your Life - TOYL - Part 22012-01-15Yes-Cobb TOYL
Getting or Losing it All2012-01-23YesYesCobb Spiritual Growth
Wise Lessons From Solomon's Life2012-01-08--Cobb God's Will
Seeking God, the Secret of Successful Kings2012-01-31YesYesCobb Knowing God
Separation and Reconciliation2012-02-05YesYesCobb Knowing God
Song of Solomon: Happily Ever After2012-02-19YesYesCobb Marriage
Messianic Prophecies Isaiah Pt 12012-02-26YesYesCobb Prophesy
Messianic Prophecies Isaiah Pt 22012-03-04YesYesCobb Prophesy
Jeremiah's Greatest Hits Pt 12012-03-11YesYesCobb Knowing God
Jeremiah's Greatest Hits Pt 22012-03-18YesYesCobb Knowing God
Ezekiel's Greatest Hits Part 12012-03-25YesYesCobb Knowing God
Good Friday: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?2012-04-01YesYesCobb Easter
Easter: Why Was Christ Resurrected?2012-04-08YesYesCobb Easter
Colossians: Living the Christian Life after the Cross2012-04-15YesYesKamp Easter
Ezekiels's Greatest Hits - Part 22012-04-22YesYesCobb Knowing God
Joy Comes From Choosing What Is Best - Part 12012-04-29YesYesCobb God meets Emotional Needs
Joy Comes From Choosing What Is Best - Part 22012-05-06YesYesCobb God meets Emotional Needs
Daniel the Disciple-maker2012-05-13YesYesCobb Discipleship
Survey of Discipleship2012-05-20YesYesCobb Discipleship
Disciple-Making for Dummies Scenarios2012-06-03YesYesCobb Discipleship
Malachi: Careful to Do what's Right in His Sight2012-06-10YesYesCobb Lordship
Free to be righteous2012-06-17YesYesCobb Victory
The Sublimation of Sanctification2012-06-24YesYesCobb Sanctification
It Ain't Gonna Reign No More2012-07-01YesYesCobb Victory
Dependent For Life2012-07-15YesYesAlberti Dependence
Sources and Development of Self-Esteem2012-07-22YesYesKamp Worth and Value
God's Got a Plan to Bless Believers2012-08-05--Cobb Blessing & Grace
Holy Spirit Sanctification2012-07-29YesYesCobb Sanctification
Romans 10 Good News2012-08-12YesYesCobb Knowing God
Romans 11 Gentiles & Israel Get Blessed2012-08-19YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Romans 12 Transformed Thinking2012-08-26YesYesCobb Sanctification
The Son Outshines the Moon2012-09-09YesYesCobb Cults
You are an Ironman2012-09-23YesYesBelmonte Character
Like and Love2012-09-16YesYesCobb Love
Romans 12 - part 32012-09-30YesYesCobb Sanctification
Rewarding Verses to Consider2012-10-07YesYesCobb Rewards
Rewarding Verses to Consider - Part 22012-10-14YesYesCobb Rewards
Rewards and Judgments2012-10-21YesYesCobb Rewards
Rewards and Judgments - Part 22012-10-28YesYesCobb Rewards
Reasonable & Relational Evangelism - Part 22012-11-25YesYesCobb Friendship Evangelism
Philosophy and Pursuit of Happiness2012-12-02YesYesCobb Happiness
Is Christianity The Only Way?2012-12-09YesYesCobb Knowing God
Yearly Evaluation: Agony to Ecstasy2013-01-06YesYesCobb Evaluation & Goals
Inertia and Change2013-01-13YesYesCobb Evaluation & Goals
Toyl Seminar 2013 - Part 12013-01-20YesYesCobb TOYL
Toyl Seminar 2013 - Part 22013-01-20YesYesCobb TOYL
Perfection2013-01-27YesYesCobb Sanctification
Perfectionism2013-02-10YesYesCobb Sanctification
Institute in Basic Life Principles Follow-Up2013-02-17YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Friend or Foe - part 12013-02-24YesYesCobb Friendships
Friend or Foe - part 22013-03-03YesYesCobb Friendships
Friend or Foe - part 32013-03-10YesYesCobb Friendships
Wink to Wedding Timeline2013-03-17YesYesCobb Marriage
Marriage...Feast or Famine?2013-03-24YesYesCobb Marriage
Spiritual Alchemy: Dirt to Gold2013-03-31YesYesCobb Easter
Is Heaven a Capitalistic or Communistic Economy?2013-04-07YesYesCobb Rewards
Marriage...Feast or Famine? Part 32013-04-21YesYesCobb Marriage
Marriage...Feast or Famine? Part 22013-04-14YesYesCobb Marriage
The Fellowship of the Pure in Heart - part 12013-04-28YesYesCobb One another
The Fellowship of the Pure in Heart - part 22013-05-12YesYesCobb One another
The Proverbial Parent2013-05-19YesYesCobb Parenting
Family Life 6: Magic Lamp of Self-Esteem2013-06-02YesYesCobb Worth and Value
Biblical Principles Of Parenting & Discipline2013-06-09YesYesCobb Parenting
Biblical Principles Of Parenting & Discipline - Part 22013-06-16YesYesCobb Parenting
Biblical Principles Of Parenting & Discipline - Part 32013-06-23YesYesCobb Parenting
A Happy Family is a Sticky Family2013-06-30YesYesCobb Family Life
Declaration of Life, Liberty, and Happiness2013-07-07--Cobb Dependence
Dependent Disciples Minister2013-07-14YesYesCobb Discipleship
The Truth about Life & Abundant Life2013-07-21YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Born Again to Eternal Life2013-07-28YesYesCobb Salvation
Getting and Maintaining Eternal Life2013-08-04YesYesCobb Eternal Life
Inheriting Eternal Life - Part 22013-08-11YesYesCobb Eternal Life
Bad Things Happen to Bad Believers Pt 12013-08-18YesYesCobb Judgment
Bad Things Happen to Bad Believers Pt 22013-08-25YesYesCobb Judgment
Q&A Hell, Paradise, Drinking, Dead Faith Healers, Rewarded Service2013-09-01YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Bad Things happen to Bad Believers - Part 3 - Hebrews Warning Passages2013-09-08YesYesCobb Judgment
Day of Atonement Relationship with God2013-09-15YesYesCobb Biblical Feasts
New Covenant & The Holy Spirit Part 12013-09-22YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
New Covenant & The Holy Spirit Part 22013-09-29YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
New Covenant & The Holy Spirit Part 3- Will of God2013-10-06YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
New Covenant & The Holy Spirit Part 4.1 - Will of God2013-10-13YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
New Covenant & The Holy Spirit Part 4.2 - Will of God2013-10-20YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
HS and the Will of God - Unity and Conflict2013-11-10YesYesCobb Unity
New Covenant & The Holy Spirit Part 4.3 - Will of God2013-10-27YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
New Covenant & The Holy Spirit Part 4.4 - Will of God2013-11-03YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
1 Peter: Glory Through Suffering2013-11-24YesYesKamp Suffering
Q&A2: Unity, Submission, Forgiveness, Fellowship2013-12-01YesYesCobb Unity
Festival of Lessons and Carols2013-12-08YesYesCobb Christmas
Christmas 2013 - Responding to Jesus2013-12-22YesYesKamp Christmas
Psalm 1 - Happiness (natural or synthetic) is a Choice2014-01-19Yes-Cobb Happiness
Yearly Evaluation: Agony to Ecstasy2014-01-05YesYesCobb Evaluation & Goals
Psalm 1 - Happiness (natural or synthetic) is a Choice2014-01-26YesYesCobb Happiness
Greatest Commandments: Part 1 Loving God2014-02-02YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Loving God - Part 22014-02-09YesYesCobb Love
Psalm 116 Loving and Praising God2014-02-16YesYesCobb Knowing God
Greatest Commandments: Loving God - Part 32014-02-23YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2A Loving Others2014-03-02YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2B Loving Others2014-03-16Yes-Cobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2C Loving Others - Narcism2014-03-23YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2D Loving Others - Being Other-Centered2014-03-30YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2E Loving Others - Loving Edification2014-04-13YesYesCobb Love
Matthew 28 Earthquak'n Easter2014-04-20YesYesCobb Easter
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2E-2 Loving Others - Loving Edification2014-05-11YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2E-3 Loving Others - Loving Edification2014-05-18YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2F Share & Serve2014-06-01YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2F-2 Share & Serve2014-06-08YesYesCobb Love
Greatest Commandments: Pt 2F-3 Share & Serve2014-06-15YesYesCobb Love
Survey of Discipleship2014-06-22YesYesCobb Discipleship
Survey of Discipleship Part 22014-06-29YesYesCobb Discipleship
Dependent Disciples Minister2014-07-06YesYesCobb
Survey of Discipleship Part 32014-07-13YesYesCobb Discipleship
Discipleship/Growth Christian Career Timeline2014-07-20YesYesCobb Discipleship
Discipleship/Growth Christian Career Timeline - Part 22014-07-27YesYesCobb Discipleship
Jn 3:16 How To Get To Heaven In 10 Minutes Or Less2014-08-03YesYesCobb Salvation
Eph 2:10 Good Works, Good Lord, Good Glory - Part 12014-08-24YesYesCobb Good Works
How do you get your sins forgiven and yourself into heaven?2014-08-10YesYesCobb Salvation
Eph 2:10 Good Works, Good Lord, Good Glory - Part 22014-09-07YesYesCobb Good Works
Jn 3:16 How To Get To Heaven In 10 Minutes Or Less - Part 22014-08-17YesYesCobb Salvation
Eph 2:10 Good Works, Good Lord, Good Glory - Part 32014-09-14YesYesCobb Good Works
2Tim 2 Disciple Soldiers and Satan's Slaves2014-09-28YesYesCobb Discipleship
Eph 2:10 Good Works, Good Lord, Good Glory - Part 42014-09-21YesYesCobb Good Works
2Tim 2 Disciple Soldiers and Satan's Slaves - Part 22014-10-05YesYesCobb Discipleship
2Tim 2 Disciple Soldiers and Satan's Slaves - Part 32014-10-12YesYesCobb Discipleship
2Tim 2 Disciple Soldiers and Satan's Slaves - Part 42014-10-19YesYesCobb Discipleship
The Art Of Application2014-10-26YesYesCobb The Word
Big Apple Chapel: We're Different by Design2014-11-02YesYesCobb Church
Peace of God and God of Peace2014-11-09YesYesCobb Peace
2Tim 2 Disciple Soldiers and Satan's Slaves - Part 52014-11-16YesYesCobb Discipleship
Giving Thanks for Everything & Nothing2014-11-23YesYesCobb Thanksgiving
Giving Thanks for Everything & Nothing - Part 22014-11-30YesYesCobb Thanksgiving
2Tim 2 Disciple Soldiers and Satan's Slaves - Part 62014-12-14YesYesCobb Discipleship
Festival of Lessons and Carols2014-12-07YesYesCobb Christmas
Yearly Evaluation: Agony to Ecstasy2015-01-11-YesCobb Evaluation & Goals
Deuteronomy 4 On Guard and Going for Glory2015-01-25YesYesCobb God's Will
Waiting For God2015-02-08YesYesCobb God's Will
Lord of the Ringless2015-02-15YesYesCobb Lord of the Ringless
Song of Solomon: Sleeping in the Will of God2015-02-22YesYesCobb Love
Waiting for Prince Charming2015-03-01YesYesCobb Character
Searching For Sleeping Beauty2015-03-08YesYesCobb Lord of the Ringless
Wink to Wedding2015-03-15YesYesCobb Lord of the Ringless
Song of Solomon Part 2: Catch the Foxes2015-03-22YesYesCobb Lord of the Ringless
Following Jesus' Farewell Tour to Bethany2015-03-29YesYesCobb Easter
Perception and Performance Easter2015-04-05Yes-Cobb Knowing Yourself- Personal Growth
Resurrection Power 12015-04-12Yes-Cobb Holy Spirit
Resurrection Power 22015-04-19Yes-Cobb Holy Spirit
Resurrection Power 32015-04-26YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Disciplemaking: Make a Sow's Purse into a Silk Ear2015-05-10YesYesCobb Discipleship
Disciplemaking: Make a Sow's Purse into a Silk Ear Part 22015-05-17YesYesCobb Discipleship
Church Study Guide: Unity Part 12015-05-24YesYesCobb Church
Hallmarks of a Biblical Accountability Relationship2015-06-07YesYesCobb One Another
Hallmarks of a Biblical Accountability Relationship Part 22015-06-14YesYesCobb Friendships
Hallmarks of Biblical Accountability Part 32015-06-21YesYesCobb Friendships
Hallmarks of a Biblical Accountability Relationship Part 42015-06-28YesYesCobb Friendships
Hallmarks of a Biblical Accountability Relationship Part 52015-07-12YesYesCobb Friendships
Church Study Guide: Unity Part 22015-05-31YesYesCobb Church
Psalm 2 - The Laughing Angry God2015-07-19YesYesCobb Knowing God
Psalm 3 Jehovah Jawbreaker2015-07-26YesYesCobb Judgment
Psalm 4 The Security of the Faithful2015-08-02YesYesCobb Peace
Psalm 5 Biblical Worship Responds to Revelation2015-08-09YesYesCobb Worship
Psalm 6 Prayer for Pain2015-08-16YesYesCobb Suffering
Psalm 7 Most High Judge2015-08-23Yes-Cobb Judgment
Getting a Grip on Grace and Mercy2015-09-13Yes-Cobb Blessing & Grace
Get a Grip on Grace: Coin of the Realm of Heaven2015-09-20YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Get a Grip on Grace: Coin of the Realm of Heaven Part 22015-09-27YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Get a Grip on Grace: Coin of the Realm of Heaven Part 32015-10-04YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Get a Grip on Grace: The Coin of the Realm of Heaven Part 42015-10-11YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Get a Grip on Grace: The Coin of the Realm of Heaven Part 52015-10-18YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Get A Grip on Grace: The Coin of the Realm of Heaven Part 62015-10-25YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Get A Grip on Grace: The Coin of the Realm of Heaven Part 72015-11-01YesYesCobb Blessing & Grace
Biblical Fellowship Part 12015-11-08YesYesCobb Friendships
Intimacy With God2015-11-22YesYesCobb Knowing God
Pleasing the God of Grace2015-11-29YesYesCobb
Pleasing the God of Grace Part 22015-12-06YesYesCobb
Jesus v. Muhammad2015-12-20YesYesTheodore Christmas
The How and Why of a Daily Quiet Time2016-01-10YesYesKamp The Word
Suvey of Anger2016-01-17YesYesAlberti
Nehemiah: Building Biblical Leadership2016-01-31YesYesLast Name Leadership
The Ninth Commandment2016-02-07YesYesLast Name Speech
Nehemiah: Building Biblical Leadership Part II2016-02-14YesYesLast Name Leadership
Fruit of the Holy Spirit2016-02-21YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Holy Spirit Part 22016-02-28YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Holy Spirit Part 32016-03-06YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Holy Spirit Part 42016-03-13YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Circumcise and Crucify Yourself2016-03-20YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Resurrection Faith and Hope2016-03-27YesYesCobb Easter
Circumcise and Crucify Yourself Part 22016-04-10YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Walk by the Spirit2016-04-17YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Walk by the Spirit Part 22016-04-24YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Walk by the Spirit Part 32016-05-01YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Walk by the Spirit Part 42016-05-15YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit: Love2016-05-22YesYesCobb Love
Job: Portrait of a Righteous Man2016-05-08YesYesKamp Character
Fruit of the Spirit: Love Part 22016-06-05YesYesCobb Love
Love, Honor and Obey2016-06-12Yes-Cobb Parenting
Fruit of the Spirit: Enduring Joy Part 12016-06-19YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit: Enduring Joy Part 22016-06-26YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit: Enduring Joy Part 32016-07-10YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Helpers of Joy Part A Part 12016-07-31YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit: Enduring Joy Part 42016-07-17YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Jude: Building for Joy2016-07-24YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Helpers of Joy Part A Part 22016-08-07YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Helpers of Joy Part B Sowing in Sorrow2016-08-14YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Helpers of Joy Part C Joy of Disciplemaking Part 12016-08-21YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Helpers of Joy Part C Joy of Making Disciples Part 22016-08-28YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Helpers of Joy Part C Joy of Disciplemaking Part 32016-09-11YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Helpers of Joy Part C Joy of Disciplemaking Part 42016-09-18YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Part 12016-09-25YesYesCobb Peace
Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Part 22016-10-02YesYesCobb Peace
Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Part 32016-10-09YesYesCobb Peace
Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Part 42016-10-16YesYesCobb Peace
Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Part 52016-10-23YesYesCobb Peace
Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Part 62016-10-30YesYesCobb Peace
Fruit of the Spirit: Longsuffering Part 12016-11-13YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit: Longsuffering Part 22016-11-20YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Psalm 118: Give Thanks2016-11-27YesYesCobb Thanksgiving
Fruit of the Spirit: Beneficence/Doing Good2016-12-04YesYesCobb Holy Spirit
Colossians 1 Intro: Faith, Love, Hope, Holiness2017-01-08YesYesCobb Spiritual Growth
Problem With Pharisees Part 12017-01-15YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Problem with Pharisees Part 22017-01-22YesYesCobb Truth/Experience
Problem with Pharisees Part 3 Woe Vs Key to Knowledge2017-01-29YesYesCobb Spiritual Growth
Problem with Pharisees Part 42017-02-05YesYesCobb Spiritual Growth
Guilty Vs. Godly Fear of the Lord Part 12017-02-12YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
Guilty Vs. Godly Fear of the Lord Part 22017-02-19YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
Guilty Vs. Godly Fear of the Lord Part 32017-02-26YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
Loving a Fearsome God Part 12017-03-05YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
Loving a Fearsome God Part 22017-03-12YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
Loving a Fearsome God Part 32017-03-19YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
Loving a Fearsome God Part 42017-03-26YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
Loving a Fearsome God Part 52017-04-02YesYesCobb Fear of the Lord
From the Womb and the Tomb x22017-04-16YesYesCobb Easter
Palm Sunday John 12 - Matters of Death and Life2017-04-09YesYesCobb Easter
Seekers, Skeptics, and Saints2017-04-23YesYesCobb Easter
Excellence = Follow: Objectives & Thru & Up Part 12017-04-30YesYesCobb Excellence
Excellence = Follow: Objectives & Thru & Up Part 22017-05-07YesYesCobb Excellence
Excellence = Follow: Objectives & Thru & Up Part 32017-05-14YesYesCobb Excellence
Excellence = Follow: Objectives & Thru & Up Part 42017-05-21YesYesCobb Excellence
Highlights in Genesis from DTB2017-06-04YesYesCobb Genesis
Highlights in Exodus from DTB2017-06-11YesYesCobb Exodus
Highlights in Leviticus from DTB2017-06-18YesYesCobb Worship
Highlights in Numbers Part 1 from DTB: Moses - Mighty, Meek, and Mad2017-07-02YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Highlights in Numbers Part 2a from DTB: Caleb - A Whole-Hearted Believer2017-07-16YesYesCobb Whole-Hearted
Psalm 8: Praise Your Creator God Who Cares for You2017-07-23YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Psalm 9: Praising the Righteous Judge and Fortress2017-07-30YesYesCobb The God Who’s Revealed Himself
Highlights in Numbers Part 2b from DTB: Caleb - A Whole-Hearted Believer2017-08-06YesYesCobb Whole-Hearted
Highlights in Deuteronomy from DTB: These Words Are Your Life Part 12017-08-13YesYesCobb Spiritual Growth
Highlights in Deuteronomy from DTB: These Words Are Your Life Part 22017-08-27YesYesCobb Spiritual Growth
Highlights in Joshua from DTB: Choose Holiness and Victory Part 12017-09-10YesYesCobb Spiritual Growth

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